Love Me Like You

  • 03 Aug 2018
  • The Young Escape
  • urban


You take my fear and make me fearless

You give me strength when I have none

You know my failures and my secrets

and I know I stand on perfect love

over and over again

You show me I can’t be shaken

I won’t be taken

out by the waves and the wind

I know

even in the middle of the night

even when my heart can’t see the light

I could find a million reasons why it’s true

even when the oceans pull me out

I know that You’re with me even now

You’re the only love I’ve found that’s true

nobody’s gonna love me like You

You fill me up when I feel empty

You give me more than enough

when skies are falling all around me

You follow me with perfect love

I was in a rut

I had given up

it was in my blood

I would trade it all for shame

when You give me love

I took Your words and made a riddle with that

then I cried a river, and You went built a bridge over that

rainstorms, rainbow You brought the Skittles to that

You gave me love when I had none, yea it’s simple as that

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