Forever On Your Side


I won’t pretend that we can control the night

Or what kind of road we’re on

Or where we will see the light

But right now I’m talking to ya

I’m looking into your eyes

Right now I’m trying to show ya

That we’re gonna be alright

Oh I don’t know what’s around the bend

Oh, all I know is that my love, it knows no end

All these pieces they fall in line 

Because I’m forever on your side 

Take my hand when you can’t see the light 

Cause I’m forever on your side

I will carry you every time 

Because I’m forever on your side

Oh I’m forever on your side

They’ll beat you up

But don’t let em keep you down 

You’re always tough enough 

And I’ll always be around

Oh I can’t promise that a day will never come

Where the ground beneath us falls out and we got no where to run 

Oh but you won’t be alone when the water starts to rise up

No you won’t be alone my darling when the rains come