Truly Amazing



The love that Jesus Christ my lord and saviour has for I and i

It made him die pon the cross for us to live in peace and enjoy him Grace

ur love is amazing x2

And he's standing at the door of your heart knocking if you open up your gon enjoy the same peace of mind am enjoying let me sing the song for you hear me now....

these things you do to me

It has opened my eyes

To what true love really is

Or how can I explain 

Someone paying the price for me

I still wonder

It was you who paid the price on the cross for me to live 

Twas you who took the stripes on your back for me to heal 

Twas you who carried away all the pain and the shame 

You stood up for me when everybody ran away 

You put my feet upon the solid rock to stay 

You told me boy move on 'cos Iam right behind you 

You don't intend to fail me 'cos you never ever fail.... before

What manner of love is this 

That a man can lay down his life for his friends

Am asking you now... 

What a love x4

Play on...

I say

The love that you have for we

Paid the price pon the cross for we to live

You too the pain and shame away

Open up my eyes

to what true love really is

Over and over I'll sing it again 

I.. I... I...

Pon the cross

You too the pain and shame away

I live to testify that you're such a good God 

The way you love we is so amazing 

Ohhhh absolutely amazing 


Source: Truly Amazing Lyrics - Mista Push