Asante Sana

  • 28 Nov 2019
  • Christafari
  • reggae


Now massive!

Give thanks for life

Here comes the lyrical thing 

By Christafari 

and the TuneDem Band

Asante Sana (Thank You)


Asante Sana Yesu (Thank You Jesus)

Asante Sana Mungu (Thank You God)

Every day in every way - oh

Asante Sana Yesu (Thank You Jesus)

Even though we may not have a lot

We give thanks for what we’ve got

What we’ve got

What we’ve got

If only life gave everything you wanted

You could ask from the Father, then you got it

But nobody would be thankful and them flaunt it

And treat each other too bad too rhaatid

So you beg from your Mama and your auntie

For a little rice and peas for your pot yet

And give thanks for the Father when you got it

And just cry out to the Lord “Asante!” 

If you know you got life - Asante!

Kiss your baby and wife - Asante!

Everything is gonna be alright - Asante!

Give thanks for Jesus Christ - Asante!

Kick up your foot 

Wave your hand for the one ya

And everybody come along 

Sing this song ya


Ah yeah


Me say me wake up in the morning

Got a song to sing

Giving thanks for the Father 

For the gifts He bring

Could a big, could a little 

It no matter you see

Because me know Jehovah Jireh 

Shall provide for me 

Every time

Every space

Every circumstance we face

Every night

Every day

Every moment we all pray

We’re giving thanks for the Father 

For the gifts He bring

And so we say Asante Sana 

Come along sing

Lift up your voice and sing - Asante! 

Chant up a Psalm and thing - Asante!

No matter what life may bring - Asante!

Give thanks in everything - Asante!

Kick up your foot 

To the sky for the Most High

And sing along with the one Christafari


Ah yeah


I said I’ve been around the world and I-I-I

Still can’t overstand why-y-y 

How the rich up on the hilltop so high-I-I

And the poor man in the gully them a die-I-I

But the poor they are thankful

Though they don’t have a lot

The rich are ungrateful

For what they’ve got

So me take a look closer

And what do I see?

So many rich 

They are truly in a poverty

No matter your race or creed - Asante!

He’ll provide for your need - Asante!

Whether in word or deed - Asante!

Give thanks in everything - Asante!

Kick up your foot

Chant a praise for the One ya!

Shout it with all the breath 

From your lungs yeah!


Ah yeah


Source: Asante Sana Lyrics - Christafari