Born in Bethlehem

  • 04 Dec 2019
  • Andy + Rachel Graham
  • carols


Verse 1

Born in Bethlehem

To our squalor God descends

See salvations plan

God with us Immanuel


Rejoice, our King has come

Our God is here with us

Rejoice, He has come to save our souls

Rejoice, the curse will break

For he will make a way

Rejoice, everything will be made whole

Tag last chorus: (Our King has come, Our King has come / God with us)

Verse 2

Man and yet divine

God incarnate clothed in time

Walks upon the earth

Bears our burdens, heals our hurts


Hear the angels fill the skies with song

As the earth awakes to greet redemptions dawn

Lay your gifts before the king of love

Hallelujah praise the Lord’s anointed one

Source: Born in Bethlehem Lyrics - Andy + Rachel Graham